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How to ask my money from PTCBox [tutorial]

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Hi guys!
I will give you all the steps that you need to follow in order to ask for your payout in PTCBox.

1º  First of all you must go to "earnings" and then, in "Current Balance", you click "Click Here to Redeem!"

2º If you didn't already confirm your paypal/payza email do it now in "Account Submission/Changing Form".
   Afterwards, click "Redeem" on Paypal or Alertpay.

3º This step is a confirmation step. You must check all data and then click "if everything is correct, click on this button to continue"

4º This is the last step of this tutorial. Check again your data and click "Make Payment".
Wait 30 seconds and you will see a message "Successfully sent $1.01 to your account. Please close this page for your security"

And it is all! If you have any doubts tell me.

Como Poupar e Ganhar Dinheiro €€€ 



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Since June I have been working in this PTC and I am very satisfied.

PTCBOX interface is easy to navigate and the site can give you some good gains
Earnings per click: $ 0.005
Cashout: $ 1
Method of Payment: Paypal; Payza;
Referral Level: 1 level - no limit
Average daily gain: $ 0.06

 The ads can appear at different times of the day, so I recommended you go more than one time per day to the site.

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How to Save and Earn Money Online €€€

How to Save and Earn Money Online €€€ is a english version of original blog "Como Poupar e Ganhar Dinheiro €€€" created by ChrisMM7.

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PTC is an abbreviation of  "Paid To Click".
How works a PTC site?
It is very simple, so plainness that we can call of "easy money". Well, you just have to click on ads. PTCs allows you earn some good bucks by surfing the Internet or register for a particular site. How long will it take per day? On average will take 10 minutes a day (or even less) where you can make easy money with unlimited values​​! Basically, you are not required to visit and click on the sites every day, but much more you click higher should be your profits. But nothing is perfect.

What are  referrals? Referrals are somebody was referred by you to join the PTC website. Is mainly have some refers cause as usually you may earn 10% (commission) than they win. So imagine... they earn € 1 per month, you earn 10 cents, but if you have made 100 or 200 above... how much you can earn? I don't know. You choose!

How can receive my money from PTC sites?
Each PTC has a minimum payment, which will be deposited on your online bank account. The most commonly used and safe online bank is PayPal and AlertPay (Payza). Starting from these sites you can buy online or transfer your funds to a not-online bank account.

Hummm... I'll be a millionaire in 2 or 4 days? 
No. Do not think that you will get thousands early soon. Take a few minutes of your day to click on ads and pass their referral links. With commitment and dedication you can be sure that  you will get good profits!